Android Application Development Service in Nagpur

Android Application Development Support in Nagpur

Android Application Development Is the Process by Which Applications Are Created for Devices Running the Android Operating System. Android Is a Mobile Operating System Developed by Google, Based on A Modified Version of The Linux Kernel and Other Open-Source Software, Designed Primarily for Touchscreen Mobile Devices Such as Smartphones and Tablets. Android Is the Most Popular Mobile Operating System In the World, With Over 2.5 billion Active Devices as Of May 2023. Android Apps Can Be Written Using Kotlin, Java, And C++ Languages Using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK Includes a Set of Tools and Libraries That Developers Need to Build, Test, And Deploy Android Apps. The Most Popular IDE For Android Development Is Android Studio, Which Is Also Developed by Google.

An Android Application (Also Known as An Android App) Is A Software Application Successively on The Android Operating System. Android Apps Are Typically Copied from The Google Play Store, But Can Also Be Copied from Other Sources. Android Apps Are Written in The Java Programming Language and Use the Android SDK to Access the Structures of The Android Operating System. Android Apps Are Typically Made Up of One Or More Activities, Which Are the Basic Building Blocks of An Android App. Activities Provide the User Interface for The App and Handle User Interactions. Android Apps Can Also Use Services to Perform Tasks in The Background, Such as Playing Music or Downloading Data. Services Can Also Be Used to Communicate with Other Apps or Devices.


We Provide Below Android Application Development Services

App Development

This Involves Creating the Visual Appearance of the Website

App Re-Development

Re-Creating the Visual Appearance with New Feature Website

Application Maintenance

Keeping Website up-to-date with New Content and Make Running Smoothly

App Security

Protecting the Website from Hackers and Other Malicious Attacks

Front-End Development

The Process of Creating the User Interface of a Website

Back-End Development

The Process of Creating the Server-Side Logic of a Website

Android Development and Service Charges

Website Development and Services List Charges From Onwards
Dynamic Website Development - New Design ₹ 15,000/-
Static Website Development - New Design ₹ 10,000/-
Basic Website Development (5 Pages) ₹ 5000/-