HP Pavilion Laptop Repair in Nagpur

HP Pavilion Laptop Service in Nagpur

We Provide all types of HP Pavilion Laptops, notebooks, Chromebook, iPad, and any Laptop Repair Service. Laptop Downtime Means Loss of Work, Energy, And Revenue. And what happens when your Laptop, Computer, Server, or any related IT Asset Stops Working? Well, here we Provide Laptop, Computer Repair. And all types of Part Repair and Replacement Like Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD), Batteries, Speakers, Motherboards, Laptop LED LCD Full HD Screens, IPS Laptop Screen, And Also Upgrading Random Access Memory (RAM), OS Installation, Software Installation, Laptop Motherboard Repair, Laptop Cleaning, Broken Hinges, Or Damaged Fabrication.


We Provide Below Repair and Services

HDD or SSD Not Ditect

Showing Error in Laptop Not Able to Detect HDD and SSD or Reading Issue

Laptop is Running Slowly

While Accessing or Using Windows and Software Working to Slow

Laptop Motherboard Dead

Not Able to Start or No Power On After Press the Laptop Power Button

Laptop is Overheating

In Case the Cooling Fan Work Properly or Exhaust and Motherboard Problem

Water Damaged Board

Spilled Water on Your Laptop, We Fix Water-Damaged Laptop by Repaired

Laptop Screen is Blank

Problems with the Laptop Display, Graphics Card, and Motherboard

Cracked Laptop Screen

We Fix or Replace Broken Screen, Dead Screen, Water Damaged, Crack Screen

Speaker Not Working

Sound or Voice Not able to Hear from the Laptop Speaker

Battery Not Working

Laptop Battery Draining Fast or No Battery Backup in the Battery

Keyboard Not Working

We Fix Damaged Keyboard, Damaged Kye's or Keyboard Not Able to Use

Hinges Damaged

We Fix Broken Cases, Damaged or Broken Hinges, and Laptop Panels

No Wi-Fi Signal

Wi-Fi Network or Sign Not Showing Up, and Not able to Connect Internet

Laptop Repair and Service Charges

Laptop Repair and Services List Charges From Start
Basic Software Installation in Laptop (Below 1GB) ₹ 150/-
Professional Software Installation in Laptop (Above 2GB) ₹ 350/-
Windows Reinstallation Wtih Basic Software and Drivers ₹ 450-
Legal Windows and MS Office Reinstallation Wtih Basic Software and Drivers ₹ 750/-
Windows Reinstallation with Data Backup and Restore ₹ 950/-
Motherboard Repair Onward From ₹ 1250/-
Hardware Upgradation (SSD, HDD, RAM, and Speed) ₹ Call us for Best Price/-
Fabrication Services for Damaged Hardware ₹ Call us for Best Price/-
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) ₹ Call us for Best Price/-